Right Is Wrong

Right is Wrong

Addicted to anxiety like a junkie craving crack,
I set traps for myself; expecting failure at every corner.
Success a prideful sin; how dare I even think of it?
I fail out of respect, I lower myself out of deference for others

I fail full of the martyr’s moral superiority.
I fail to protect my flaws and inadequacies.
I fail out of duty, but I also fail out of pride.
I fail in order to find a place to hang my resentment.

I need to fail before I can blame you and all
For the miseries bestowed upon me.
I’m the sheep who shifts the blame on the wolf;
This scapegoat that I choose to chase.

I am the sacrificial lamb, resigned and resentful;
My cup is full of vindictive vim, I drink and pass it on.
Come drink with me and fail with me, do not worry;
We’ll find a rhetoric to peg on the guilty successes of others.

All of those who so shamelessly dare be happy
Will have to pay for that selfish sin.
They are guilty not to share our pain in shame in failure.
This for sure I thought is only right and fair.

But now I realise that for too long,
I have refused to see the sins of the saviour.
For when he came back from his forty days trial,
He did not recognise all the forms which malice can take.

I finally found out that many sins hide in sanctity.
For too often it is in the name of the greater good,
That evil spreads it wings the widest upon us.
For justice we kill each other, and for peace we go to war.

Malice often finds refuge within sacred faith and thirst for justice.
So without condoning wickedness, one can only acknowledge
The death toll accomplish by righteousness.
For the seven deadly sins put together are less efficient killers.

The true and tender heart of compassionate love
Is preceded by doubt and forgiveness.
May a fragile grace rise in my soul and melt down
The principles written on the stone tablets of my mind.

©️Didier Beaugrand