Heart of a Monster

Heart of a Monster

You treat me like a thing;
ignore all my feelings.
“Human Resources” you say;
an amalgamation of limbs
for which you pay,
but for my heart not a glimpse.

“I have love in me
the like of which
you can scarcely imagine
and rage the like of which
you would not believe.
If I can not satisfy one,
I will indulge in the other.”*

So if you fail to touch my heart
I will reap you apart.
For in your eyes I am a whore
but in my back I hold a knife.
So in your embrace my poor
child I better feel some life
or death will be your wife.

©️Didier Beaugrand 16/08/2021

  • Quote from Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein; or the modern Prometheus”