I apologies if one takes offence
At the way I break my lines,
But please stop breaking my balls
Safe I come shorten your sentence
A bit, and bring you down a peg.

If the lion takes umbrage
At being lost in a crowd of sheep
It might be that he does not shine
Quite as bright
In life as in his “mindshaft”.

The eagle needs not criticise
The gliding skills or the vision
Of the pigeons; he flies
With deferent attitude,
At a different altitude
Live and let live.

Walking above on the stilts
Of his education one might want
To practice his Enjambment
Instead of pretending to trip
On our lowly verbiage.

But if he is a man, my friend
Might stop, lend support
Or share a word of encouragement.

I am tired of sad lions
Who cry and claim
We sheep, steal
Their share of attention.

© Didier Beaugrand 14/07/2021