Grace Revenge and Redemption

Grace Revenge & Redemption

Looking at my soul,
Just in the corner of my eyes,
You’ll see a beast ready to pounce.
The fragile hand of my Lady Grace
Is stroking its’ black and shinning fur
As its eyes are staring right at you.
The soul beast is
My collection of pains and suffering.
Under the hand of the Lady
It is the power of

on it’s own,
The beast is
the part of my soul
which seeks damnation.
It is pure resentment
and Revenge.
It wants to commit
an irreparable sin.
It wants to spit in Gods face.
If life is to fuck me over any way,
I will not take it lying down!
And you look like a perfect prey.

Never mind the beast though.

Just treat Lady Grace
With respect.

©Didier Beaugrand