King my ass

I am the king of the business world!
I’m a swirl of wealth and charm,
Everything I touch turns into gold.
Nothing is too good for me.
I’ve erased “impossible”
From the dictionary!
No time to stop
And smell the roses.
I’ll buy the garden,
That’s my pattern.
My secret is simple;
I can play on Pans’ flute,
The tune of “not enough”.
It’s everywhere,
On the TV and in your head.
All I ever sale is,
Temporary relief from that prison cell.
Go ahead, treat yourself.
Anything you choose,
Why not an other pair of shoes?
Want to feel good?
A new set of wheels
Should put you in the mood.
And if your on the brink
Just pick up a drink.
You’ll never have enough of anything.
A system set to line my pockets.
To be honest…
I’ll never have enough either.
One way or another
I need more Gold
I want more power.
Why do I still feel so empty?
So lonely…

©Didier Beaugrand