Doctor Joking & Mister Hide

Have a sip of my potion,
It will give you courage,
It will make you brave.
I’m no Doctor,
I’m joking;
I’ve got nothing to hide mister.
I promise you a good time,
But read between the lines
Before the dust blows;
I’m no angel.
It’s going to be wild!
I’m the life and soul of the party,
I’m loud in my folly.
So don’t make me choose
Between rum and coke.
That’s no joke.
You can rely on me
To not give a fuck!
I don’t care about your trouble and strife
That’s your life!
I’m only here for the good times
I deserve this feeling of elation.
Fuck your expectations!
“And” is my friend,
“Or” is a bore,
I want forever more!
The truth is,
I feel weak without my potions and powders.
As a doctor I’m a Joke
And yes mister I am hiding.
I’ll never have enough.
The truth is I’ve never felt enough;
I’m not brave enough,
I’m not strong enough
I’m not good enough.
I hide my bruises in the booze!
Well done then,
I lose.

©Didier Beaugrand 10/04/2021