A Love Triangle

“Tinker bell has always been there for Peter.
And Peter?
He chose Wendy”

Or did he?

Because it seems to me…
That before stealing her thimble,
He got Wendy to stitch him back together.
He grabbed her hand,
And took her on a wild ride to Neverland,
With his shadow to boot.

He filled her soul full of dreams
Then broke her heart
On the drop done to reality.

Poor Wendy never stood a chance;
For real girls grow up.
They want babies,
And choose a man to build a home.

That boy Peter will always be lost with the fairies!
Chasing mermaids down with the tide;
Here and gone!
Too scared of the beast of time
To enter the world of others.

Girls if you fall in love with a flying boy
You need to hide his fairy dust.

But please don’t cry when he forgets how to fly…


Put on a little powder, and brush off your wings.
Take your man for a ride,
And tease his soul
Back to glee.

Oh oui!!!

©️Didier Beaugrand 02/02/2021