Witches and Ogres

Contrary to popular believes, witches and ogres don’t eat children. Why would they, when they are so repulsive to them. In their eyes they are wickedly weak, and witches and ogres Only like strength! So they teach the children in their ways.

First, the ogre teaches us that the desire to cry is a horrible weakness to be hidden away. So we learn to hide our “weaknesses”; our pains and fears, and turns them into “strong” resentment and anger.

Then the witch teaches us that exuberance is a wicked lack of control
to be avoided or at the very least contained, and curtained as contentment;
That it is wrong to seek pleasure and joy.

Now you should know that monsters don’t hide under beds though. They hide inside grown ups, especially inside our parents. Because we love and need them so, we say:
‘Mummy and daddy scared me for my own good, because I was wickedly weak and naughty, I will grow up and be good from now on.
So that one day I’ll get to be strong and scary… I mean strong and loving like them’.

‘Ok, I love you sweetie pie. Time to stop talking to your friend, I’m turning the light off. Be good and go to sleep!’

©️Didier Beaugrand 03/04/2021