The Water and the Glass

The Water and the Glass

In the Kingdom of Glass, water was a very important resource. And for a long time its people shared it and often fought for it. Until one day out of all of them rose the first ruler, King Opportunist. One day the opportunist put in front of the people the most ardent of question. He came in front of them with a glass of water, and a couple of his friends which he called Lords. He called for the attention of the people and said:

‘People of Glass please, I need your help to resolve a problem amongst my Lords. You see, we have this glass of water here, now my Lord Optimist says that we should celebrate, drink it and be well, fore he argues that soon it will rain. But my Lord Pessimist is adamant that we should save it for a dry day. Now, would you please listen to them so that we can all decide what to do. Which do you think is the wisest opinion to follow?’

Then Lord Optimist went down in the crowd and started to recruit followers to his opinion. 

‘This glass is still half full, we should drink it and be well, living in the trust that rain is on its’ way.’ He said. 

While Lord Pessimist roused up people to his cause, arguing;

‘This glass is already half empty, it would be madness not to ration the water and save it for a dry day!’

Pretty soon, insults started to be thrown back and forth from side to side. 

‘Evil wasters, you’ll kill us all with your madness’ screamed the pessimists. 

‘Shut your dry mouth you control freak scums’ retorted the optimists. 

At this moment a few sociopaths broke their way through the crowd, hitting a few bystanders and threatening the others. ‘We don’t give a fuck about your stupid argument’ they said, 

‘this is bullshit, so we’re taking half of this water for ourselves, and anyone who’s got something to say about that can discuss it with our fists’ They added loudly. The crowd fell silent. While the sociopath took their share of the water King Opportunist and his lords struggled to muffle their giggles. 

Soon enough the King regained his countenance and declared that the sociopaths were scoundrels and thieves.

‘This is unacceptable, who ever is caught stealing water from the glass will have to face the wrath of the king. But for now we have the gravest decision to make; for we can not live in a chaotic world where this glass is both three quarter empty and one quarter full at the same time. So which one is it going to be?’ 

The fight was about to resume, when from the back, the individuals caught the attention of a few in the crowd.

‘Please please, if we may participate’ they asked. Also the individuals stood together, they were an heterogeneous bunch, amongst them were poets, witches, mad men, artists, fortune tellers, vagabond and philosophers. 

‘What now?’ retorted the King in an authoritative voice.

‘Well,’ said the individuals addressing themselves to the crowd, ‘we would like to point out that for all their greed and selfishness, the sociopath are right in their assessment of this argument; it is indeed nonsense. This dispute between optimists and pessimists is but a fiction; a Kayfabe* played out by King Opportunist and his Lords in order to divert your attention from the question you should be asking yourself; where has the first half of the water gone? For in the end, the water is all there is; the glass was always but an illusion.’

For a few seconds which stretched on the disbelieving faces of the crowd there was silence. Then the King and his Lords erupted out in loud laughter. 

‘You lot really are dreamers’ said the King ‘have you forgotten where you are? This is the Kingdom of Glass you live in! From the crowd came a sigh of relief before they joined the King in laughter. 

‘Right, I am a fair Sovereign ’ said the King, ‘so we’ll take a vote to decide if we are to follow my Lords’ Optimist or my Lords’ Pessimist view of the world.’

Soon no doubt, they’ll start arguing again and fighting even maybe. The truth like water flows, and I don’t know how this tale will end but I can’t help thinking that as individuals, poets and dreamers we have a part to play in it. So my dear brothers and sisters let your voice be heard! 

© Didier Beaugrand 02/04/2021

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