Warmth is the smile on your face when you look at me.
Warmth sounds like the fluffy buzz of the bumblebee,
It shines on a summer eve and tastes like my first cup of coffee
Warmth is knowing you’re here with me.

Joy is the sound of your voice when you call my name.
Joy tastes of ice cream, it’s singing and dancing and play,
It’s waking up on holiday.
Joy is the smell that comes from your kitchen, the food that you prepare.

Peace is coming home to you.
Peace feels like the wet nose of a dog on my cheek,
It’s the a soft purr on my lap, the weight of a blanket when I sleep.
Peace is holding your hand.

Love is everything you bring to me.
Love is the sound of your breathing when I wake,
It’s the touch of your skin, the smell in the small of your neck.
Love is everything you mean to me.

(C) Didier Beaugrand 05/2020