The sea is calling for me to get lost again;
To burn the map, let myself be taken by the waves.
The land holds no meaning anymore.
It’s been conquered, bought and sold too many times,
No dream wanders here any longer, only ghosts.

Even lovers, sale themselves and each other
For fifteen minutes of fame; made on the island,
Where hearts are turned into squares to fit on the box.
Investment bankers have finally managed to buy beauty;
Reduced her down into numbers; accounted for and tax deductible.

Our children’s lives are being turned into zeros and ones
To be loaded up and down; by so many exhibitionistes and voyeurs.
All of it data to be processed by artificial intelligence
In order to manufacture the consent that we use to hold or give.
“Computer says NO!” Fucking “Zero tolerance” indeed.

This is why our souls have gone to sea, to this place out of the map;

Lost at the centre of the circle where no shore can be seen on the horizon.
I can not go to this place, so I give up sail and rudder;
Surrender to the unconscious tide and listen to the soft voice within,
I am waiting for my lady soul to come and find me.

© Didier Beaugrand 05/2020